Mineral Washes

Example of Lime Wash

An example of San-Marco USA's Lime Wash

Working directly with supplier San-MarcoUSA, we are glad to offer various interior and exterior mineral finishes including Lime Washing.

Many of us have seen and dreamed of the romantic, antiquated look of that once-painted house with the enchanting yet sturdy lived-in facade.

Creating this look in a matter of days would be impossible were it not for the rediscovery of ancient mineral applications such as Lime washing.

These classical application practices have been said to date back as far as the reign of the Roman Empire. Before the rise of oil and latex finishes, mineral washes were a primary approach in giving various structures a protective color veneer.

Particularly, lime washing acts like a stain – penetrating into the pores of the material underneath. This creates a strong, impervious covering that only looks better as it gets older and more weathered.

The familiar and striking effect of Lime Washing reached a revived peak during the renaissance but the eye might recognize it most easily in sites such as the Herculean ruins in Southern Italy.

In addition to its Old-world beauty, lime wash is a reliable coating that provides much protection and lasting durability to brick, stucco and stone masonry. It is also non-toxic, environmentally friendly and contains all-natural ingredients.

As for the cost, we offer a similar pricing to painting brick yet our product will outlast a painted brick house indefinitely. When one paints a brick house with even the technological advanced products and primers, there is still a need to come back nearly every 10 years for a re-paint. Not so with lime washing. The older the lime wash is, the greater it looks. For more information on this product, please visit San-MarcoUSA.com. For now, take a look at our portfolio and see this product in action.

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