About Redemption Painting

About Redemption PaintingRedemption Painting Company‘s driving vision is to renew the beauty of our city through painting.

We serve residential and commercial buildings desiring interior and exterior projects throughout Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding area.

Our pursuit of excellence employs these four distinctives:

Artisan Workmanship: Offering the best available services.

The high quality of our work flows from our commitment to: extensive surface preparation, appropriate safety precautions, informed project management, and artist-like workmanship.

Superior Products: Doing the Research

We partner with reputable paint suppliers, research the best application strategies, and use reliable products and tools.

Environmental Responsibility: Caring for our clients, community, and city through environmentally responsible practices.*

We pledge to recycle, reuse, and reduce as much as possible so that our footprint is of the bare minimum. When requested and available, we use reliable and eco-friendly products while avoiding cheap and disposable products.

Customer Satisfaction: Providing an enjoyable customer experience.

We provide you with the best customer experience by clear proposals that cover both the extent of the work and its actual cost. If any work is desired beyond what is agreed upon, we will request additional formal approval in order to prevent any unwanted surprises. We offer reliable and flexible scheduling, same day responses to inquiries, and free job consultations and estimates. Additionally, we are a fully insured and properly documented company that offers our clients a one year warranty on all of our work.


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*Redemption Painting is classified as a ‘Certified Renovator’ by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct lead-based paint activities and renovations, which is required by law when working on buildings built before 1978. Click here for more information.