A Word from the Owner

Color ConsultationsAs the owner and operator of Redemption Painting Company, I have the privilege of helping to transform homes, offices, churches, and various other buildings into beautiful, like-new spaces with not only artisan workmanship, but with also the finest color selections.

Progress in the painting industry brings us a nearly limitless range of color options, yet these advances have also come with a greater margin for error. We have all likely experienced picking out what we thought would be “THE color” — yet after the project was complete and the room put back together, our mistake was obvious.

Is there a better, more reliable way to pick a color? How do you decide what will best complement your existing furniture? What other variables will affect the final look of your chosen color? All of these questions have answers but those answers only come from years of experience and a gifted eye.

This is where I come in.

Allow me to tell you a bit of my story, for I hope it will be a trustworthy catalyst for hiring me to transform your space through color.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve gravitated toward the visual arts. Instead of reading books on my elementary school’s summer reading list, I spent hours drawing and painting. With this growing passion and the support of my parents, I was educated in various art mediums both privately and within the context of high school and college.

And the training didn’t stop there. I have since consistently pursued the practice of art-making and set aside time for reading up on historic and current trends. These recreational habits continue to inform and inspire my eye for color and design.

Finally- my hobbies became my vocation. As important as my background and credentials are, my skill set as a color consultant has truly come from my work within the painting industry.

Day after day, project after project, I see first-hand simply what works and what doesn’t. I find myself constantly assessing the spaces I inhabit. In doing so, I’ve developed a proficiency in color selection and the affecting variables such as lighting options and tones of flooring and furniture. I’ve learned how varied spaces of diverse colors can still possess a seamless continuity or even how a desired atmosphere affects color selection. Each of these components and more must be considered when endeavoring to make over your space.

Click here to see my portfolio and here to learn more about the color consultation process. And please consider me the next time you’re picking out a paint color.

Lance Limanti, Owner & Operator

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Image by skeddy in NYC